Jenny Williams, CEO Universal Coaching Systems

Thank you for checking out Universal Coaching Systems (UCS)

We are a down-to-earth coaching tools company here to make a positive, lasting difference to your ongoing coaching business success.

We’ve been going strong since 2009 and have helped thousands of coaches from all over the world.

UCS helps coaches free up time and money with our professional, brandable coaching templates and programs. We also offer specialized consulting, coaching, and mentoring for coaches.

We believe in the transformational power of coaching and the good karma it spreads. So, we help a coach, the coach helps their clients, and the clients impact their friends and families. This ripple effect helps to make the world a better place. We are honored to be a part of the cycle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help empower new and experienced coaches to build fulfilling businesses that last.

We have discovered that happiness and wealth come most easily when:

  • The coach designs their business around the life they desire.
  • The coach becomes a true expert in their coaching niche or sweet spot.
  • The coach develops and distributes a range of coaching products within their coaching sweet spot (e.g., free content, low-cost information products, and high-end coaching products).
  • The coach is easily accessible to the global marketplace by being online and getting traffic.
  • The coach sticks with it.

    I’m Jenny

    I’ve recently taken over UCS, and as a former client of the site, I am so excited to be here to help other coaches get their businesses started.

    I have a degree in psychology and am a certified practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting (which combines tapping with visualization). I have a certificate in trauma counseling and began working with clients in 2002, including spending a few years working to rehabilitate prisoners.

    More recently, I’ve been focusing on helping new entrepreneurs overcome chronic procrastination related to getting their businesses started, so helping coaches get started using UCS templates fits right in with who I’m wanting to help.

    Credentials aside, I am a lifelong learner who is always seeking new ways to do things even better. I see life as an opportunity to be the best version of yourself that you can be; it’s about making the most of each amazing day and moving forward on your own terms every day. I also believe that you and I can manifest practically anything if we stick with it long enough.

    My hope is that those beliefs and values might filter through our offering and inspire our customers to do the important things and, ultimately, be that little bit more fulfilled.