Can You Live in One Place and Still be an Online Coach?

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I left Australia about 4 years ago. Since then my family and I have been traveling Southeast Asia and Europe. It’s been wonderful.

All of this was made possible because many years ago I decided that I wanted to be able to work from anywhere. And that personal lifestyle goal drove the business strategy for my coaching business, Universal Coaching Systems.


Becoming an Online Coach – Pretty straight forward

Here’s what I had to do to be an online coach:

  • Have a clear niche and offer value to my customers.
  • Set up my coaching programs online (of course I use our online coaching client management software, Life Coach Office).
  • Learn how to attract clients from all over the world (last year I worked with amazing coaches from the all over the States, Canada, Australia, the UK, Sweden and France and these are all people I’ve never met face to face).


As long as I had an internet connection, I could work from anywhere… and I did!


An Unexpected Turn

During my travels I learned so much. I now have a totally new mindset on the state of the world and of so many things that I am capable of. I have changed. I’ve grown heaps.

But, you know what?

Even though travel is super fun, exciting and rewarding…

With visas, schools, pets, routines, renting, flights, language differences, etc. etc. After a while moving all the time wore me down and just became too distracting. A pain point rather than a pleasure.

The Future

Now, I just want to stay in one beautiful place for a while (maybe 5-10 years). Be calm. Set some roots in a place.

And I’ve recently taken the first step.

I’m back in Australia. But this time 100% on my own terms.

Now we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country (in my opinion anyway), in my preferred climate and in the community I want to be a part of.


Online Coach in the Same Place?

So how will my online coaching business model work under this new personal paradigm shift?

I think it will be amazing.

My plan is to stay an online coach. My bread and better will still be my info products and my online coaching programs.

As long as I have an internet connection, I can still work from anywhere, from home. I can still live in the kind of gorgeous destination that most people only get to come to during their short holidays. I can still live on my terms and work about 20 hours a week. No commute. And because my clients are online – no travel for client meetings.

Actually, not much has changed. But I’ve changed. I know how to be an online coach and before I left to travel I really didn’t understand the different mindset and skills that I needed to adopt.


Can you make the break?

If I didn’t have the huge drive to live in Asia all those years ago, I honestly don’t know if I could have made the jump to online. With a localized network it can be hard to make the break because peers often don’t often get the concept of going online and old habits can die hard.

I also understand that it can be tricky to commit the time needed to get yourself all set up as an online coach – creating information products and online coaching programs and getting it all online. It takes time, commitment and lots of new skills.

Itching to be an online coach?

Are you longing to move your coaching business online? Would you love to have help from someone who’s done it and at it taking it to new levels?

If so, you could be perfect for my Coach Changemakers Academy course. The course helps you hone in on your coaching niche, develop your signature coaching program and a suite of coaching products. We also get you online with a freebie and email list and shopping cart. I’m with your the whole way as a guide to support you in the best way I can.

If you are ready to get online and want my help, let’s talk.

Tell me where you are in your coaching journey, what you want to achieve this year and if you have a website, please send that to me too. You can contact me here.





  1. Mo

    Hi Benay,

    I enjoyed reading that! I feel I know a bit more about you now. I see some clients online already, even though I’m home based and it’s great. I’ve been able to work with clients in Norway and Middle East but getting products on line would open things up for me so much more. I’m so glad you’re willing and able to share your expertise.

    • Benay

      Thanks Mo. I’m super excited about your new tightened focus AND corresponding information products. Let’s see how many more countries you can add to your list!

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