Mortgage Broker Turned Christian Marriage Coach: Debbie

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I’d like to introduce you to one of the most determined life coaches I’ve seen in a while. She is a USA based relationship coach called Debbie.

Her clear niche and commitment to social media is what originally attracted my attention but it’s her warm heart, generosity and dedication to her business that has kept us in touch. Debbie is a great example of how sticking to your dreams is an investment that pays off.

Here is a bit of her story…


Benay: How long have you been life coaching?

Debbie: I have been coaching clients toward a fulfilling love relationship for two years.


Benay: Where are you based?

Debbie: I am located northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Benay: What did you do before you were a life coach?

Debbie: I have been a head master of a private day school, a Christian Education Director, an accountant and a mortgage originator.


Benay: Wow, that’s a wild path to becoming a marriage coach! Can you tell us some of your story?

Debbie: Sure, I’d be happy to.

It all began as a dream to be in business for myself.  My family consisted of business owners; great grandfather, grandfather, my father and my uncle were all brick and mortar business owners.  This desire I guess you would say was ingrained into my being.

The drive to see my dream of running my own business come true became more powerful after being successful as the Head Master of a Christian Day School.  Being only 27 years of age and without the formal educational degrees one would assume an administrator to have, I was able to see in a huge and dynamic way in which the Holy Spirit will equip one to do the job they are called to do.

With the schools incredible success from 5 students to 120 within two years, I was able to learn that nothing is impossible with God.  My faith in God was high and I was set up to rope a star of a dream without even understanding where I would get the rope from to do so.

Unfortunately, I had many setbacks after my success.  My marriage was in trouble and I suddenly also found myself as the sole breadwinner of the family.  I had to start over and make more money.

I felt that going back to college was healthy and a smart thing to do for myself, my family and for my dream of owning my own business.  So, I obtained my accounting degree and then went on to seek a new and stable job.  Never letting go of my dream, I worked, raised my three children, worked on a failing marriage and never gave up.

I moved up the ladder of success.  I got raise after raise and promotion after promotion.  It seemed that everything I did was golden.

I became Christian Education Director of two churches, Girl’s ministry builder and leader.  I had the faith to do anything that would be instrumental in the building up of people.  Still holding on to the dream of my own business, my dream transformed as I transformed.

Over the next four years I ran a mortgage business, which failed after only two years with the collapse of the housing crash in 2008. Again, I found myself back facing an emotional inner struggle while refusing to let go of my dream to run my own business.

After about three months of a pity party I got back on my feet and reevaluated my dream and my goals.  I decided to do a Masters in Ministry with Christian Counseling, which got me into coaching.


Coach Debbie Kessler LogoBenay: Can you tell us about your coaching niche and how you discovered it?

Debbie: My specialty is helping couples fall back in love with their spouse.  I teach couples ways to rekindle and revive their marriages.  My mission statement is to reduce the number of Christian marriages that end up in divorce court.

In my soul searching for meaning and purpose in my own life, I discovered my gifts were teaching and exhortation.  That combined with my own past marital pain and suffering, a collapsing economy and so many Christian couples who were divorcing over lost jobs, lost savings, and lost homes led me to marriage coaching.

Love was the driving force within my soul. I knew I could teach couples to love again through hard times and good times.


Benay: What kind of life coach training did you do?

Debbie: I have a BA in Biblical Theology, Masters in Ministry with Christian Counseling. I am also certified as a marriage educator with the National Marriage Centers.


Benay: What do you think about life coach training?

Debbie: My view on life coaching training is that there is a need for more marriage educators.  I find the greatest need we have regarding coaching training is how to overcome obstacles while building our practice.  We need a support system once we hang our sign saying we are open for business.


Benay: What’s the toughest part about starting a new life coaching business?

Debbie: My coaching did not take off over night. This process has been an ever learning and growing experience.  It took 1.5 years of marketing and promotion before I got my first marriage client.  But I refused to give up or let go of my dream.


Benay: How many days a week do you work in your life coaching business?

Debbie: I work on my business every day.  I devote at least four hours to marketing and attracting clients.


Benay: Do you have any other income streams besides your coaching?

Debbie: I have added products to my coaching.  I see clients personally in my home office, offer e-courses and have written my first eBook.


Benay: What have you found to be the most effective ways to get new clients?

Debbie: I believe there are three keys to getting clients in my niche:

  1. Be an expert.
  2. Be trustful and always follow up.
  3. Make sure you offer quality solutions to the problems that your clients are facing.


Benay: Thank you so much for sharing your story with all the new life coaches out there. You are a brilliant example of how sticking to your dream is what it takes to make it as a coach.

Just one last thing before we wrap up, how can people get in touch with you if they want help rekindling their marriage?

Debbie: Thanks Benay, it’s been my pleasure.

Your readers can email me at [email protected] or call +1 770 307 7759.  You can also visit me at

Have a Story to Tell?

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  1. Cecelia

    It’s amazing that some people like Debbie would love to listen to other people’s problems. I would never do that…again. I have this tendency to absorb negative feelings from others and it makes you feel miserable too. Not the kind of life I want to live.

  2. CoachCarol

    Coach Debbie you are in inspiration to all and Cecelia coaching isn’t for everyone.A negative client is a good client -because they have taken that first step to turn negativity into positive action with the coaches help .

    • Debbie Kessler

      Thank you Carol. I believe it is the gift of listening that sets coaches apart from other industries. I agree, a client who may be negative is taking the first and best steps to turn their life around by hiring a coach!

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