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Today, I’ve been sorting through all of the questions I’ve been getting about creating products. There are so many good ones, that I decided to write a whole blog post on the topic.

In this post I’ve chosen 8 of the most common questions I get asked about developing coaching products. I give you short and sweet, no-holds barred answers too.


1. What products do I need in my coaching business?

Here is a really simple snapshot that explains the 4 product levels in coaching.

  • Level 1 – Freebie – Attract prospects and build your list
  • Level 2 – Information Products – Passive income
  • Level 3 – Courses and trainings – Leveraged time/income
  • Level 4 – VIP Coaching (one one one) – Most expensive premium product

I think you need at least one of each product level because you free up your time and create multiple income streams from your business. Your first passive income sale from an information product feels amazing, no matter how big or small it is!


2. How do I know if I’m ready to create products in my business?

If you are finding that you are repeating and teaching the same concepts over and over to your coaching clients, you are ready to create a freebie a workbook and a course.


3. Do I have to have a niche to create my own products?

For the Coach Changemakers Academy, I get my students to focus on who they want to work with and to choose one problem they can help solve (that their audience will pay for). Everyone can make this choice.

What this does is it gives students a tangible problem to sink their teeth into and to learn how to think like a product development expert. They learn the thinking and systems involved. After Coach Changemakers Academy students can apply this process to any number of audiences and problems in the future.


4. With so many coaches out there how can you possibly develop something unique?

Pretty much everything under the sun has been invented then taught and retaught. Your job is not to be unique. Your job is to help your ideal client get from where she is to where she wants to be. Take what you know and map out the quickest way to get her to her goal – in your way. You will end up pulling bits from here, pieces from there, with added tweaks here and there. All of the sudden you do have something that is totally unique, totally yours.


5. What is the most cost effective marketing I can do for my coaching business?

The best most cost effective thing you can do is this:

1. Offer a compelling freebie from your website – check out the simple sales funnel video.

2. Promote your freebie with paid ads (like Facebook or Adwords) and/or by guest posting in places your audience reads

2. Write a blog post within your coaching scope each week (monthly for slower growth) and email your list to tell them about it.

4. Sell an entry level information product (this raises your profile and creates passive income) promote this to your list, and with paid advertising.

Over time, this works because of the focus and discipline required to do it. You’d be amazed at how many coaches can’t commit to doing something so simple.


6. What tools do I need to create products?

I get suspicious when I get asked this question too early on in the product development cycle. What it tells me is a) you have been a busy bee, drafts are done and its time for the dressing or b) that you are thinking of the HOW before you’ve even started doing any of the up front foundational work.

So, let’s do a check.

Are you rearing to go? Do you already have product drafts written and  you just need the tools? Tell me in the comments section and I’ll write you a post just on the tools you need 🙂

Do you suspect you are using tools as a convenient way to procrastinate? If so, well done for acknowledging it. Forgive yourself (it’s OK) and then let go of the HOW. Every tool you need will be there when you are ready for it – when you do the ground work first – I promise!



7. How do I get started creating my products?

This works!

1. Choose your ideal client.

2. Choose the problem you will help your ideal client solve.

3. Map out all the steps involved in helping your client get from where she is to where she wants to be (as quickly as possible) – I like using post-it notes on a wall to visualize this.

4. Turn your map into a workbook or a series of workbooks.

5. For each chapter set the intention (this chapter will enable my reader to be do have XYZ by the end).


8. How do I create engaging products that actually get used?

1. Create/design/write your products as if you have a real person in front of you (who happens to also be an awesome example of your ideal client). You are talking, engaging, calibrating her response to everything about your product.

2. Keep the very simplified adult learning/buying cycle in mind. I.e. Life happens! Make sure your products include touch points to hold the client accountable and to help them stay on track. You can offer, audio files to listen to in the car, meditations to keep them calm and focused, assign accountability buddies, offer one-on-one time with you, offer webinars, group Q&A calls, weekend retreats, give handouts in a beautifully packaged workbooks and more! Get creative, stay centered on the ‘real’ person you are helping and give them what you know they need. You are a healer, in yoru own unique way, trust yourself, you know what to do.

3. Get started. Don’t wait until the material is perfect or until you are perfect. Blast out of your comfort zone by taking action, conquering what you are afraid of and blowing holes in the time space continuum! The Universe will rearrange itself around you and you will start to see, more clearly all the possibility that surrounds you.




  1. Mo

    Very nicely put. I love the format of a Q & A post. Easy to read and scroll through. Great content.

  2. Benay

    Thanks Mo. Hadn’t done one of these before but I like it too. And you know, the questions all came from that short survey I ran 2 weeks ago. A hugely valuable exercise! XOX – B

  3. Barbara Fredricks

    What if you have a book already in print and still own it. How do you get it changed into an e-book and how do you sell it on your website? I just started creating my website yesterday and the title is probably killer long. What a learning curve.

    • Benay

      Hi Barbara. Great question – boy are you in for an adventure – it will be great.

      You can make the process as simple or as complex as you choose to. I personally like starting as simple and low cost as possible. Just to get moving and test out the product. Once I know I’m on to a winner, I upgrade if it makes sense to do so.

      So in your case (unless you already know it’s a best seller)…
      1. Create a pdf version of your book.
      2. Add a shopping cart to your website.
      3. Add your pdf into your shopping cart
      4. Start marketing your new product page!

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