I’m known in my family as the wombat because I’m such a great sleeper. I can usually sleep day or night, anywhere, anytime but this week has been an exception.

For example, last night but woke up when my husband finally came to bed. It took a while to get back to sleep but I managed.

Then a few hours later I was awake again. A huge storm rolled though with a stunning lightning and thunder display. It woke up the whole family – my daughter in tears from fright.

Everyone eventually settled but the tumultuous night and disrupted sleep has left me feeling totally shattered today.

Life Happens

We can’t control things that happen outside of us: like what time our partners decide to go to bed, thunder storms, nor our children waking in a fright.

What we can control is how we respond to these situations in the moment.

  • When my husband woke me, I decide to read to distract me from blaming him and getting angry which helped me get back to sleep.
  • When the storm woke me, I chose to accept it and appreciate nature’s show.
  • When my daughter woke me, I chose to comfort her in her room and we both fell asleep quickly feeling loved and supported.
  • When I woke up feeling shattered in the morning due to interrupted sleep I still had the day ahead to deal with. Errands to run and work to do. I asked myself two questions: 1. What appointments can I cancel? 2. What is something inspiring I can do that will make me feel a little better?


Choosing Empowerment

Imagine a time when you were in a less than desirable state. Maybe you were tired, afraid, annoyed, angry, overwhelmed, bored or any other low vibrational state.

You are not in alignment with your higher self (which is high vibe) and therefore won’t be attracting the high vibrational things you want into your life.

Once you are aware that you are in a low vibrational state you have a choice to change it or not. The cool thing is that no matter what you choose (to raise your sate, keep it the same, or to lower your state) you are empowered. Any choice puts you in the driver’s seat!


The Emotional Guidance Scale

In her book, Ask and it is Given, Abraham Hicks teaches a powerful tool called the Emotional Guidance Scale. To use it, find where you are currently on the scale and work your way to higher level emotions.

You are not expected to jump from feeling Afraid #22 to feeling Joy #1, but if you can shift your vibration a few stages at a time, you are making useful progress toward a higher vibration and ultimately increasing your law of attraction.

How to Raise Your Vibrational State

STEP 1 – Become aware of your current emotional state. Use the Emotional Guidance Scale above if you need support.

STEP 2 – Choose to raise your vibrational state by a few levels by asking yourself: What feels the most inspiring to do now? Or what would my most loving self do right now? Or What’s a slightly better emotion than where I am now and how can I get there?

STEP 3 – Take action based on your answers to the questions above.

STEP 4 – Be amazed at how you instantly feel empowered and start feeling better.


Empowered Choices – A Lifetime of Practice

My past self would not have so easily responded with loving grace to myself and my family in stressful situations.


Your actions impact those around you.

Fortunately, I’ve been witnessing myself and my responses to situations for many years and my consistent, practice of conscious awareness and conscious choices has really made a difference to many of my responses (I don’t always get it right).

With practice, practice, practice – you can empower yourself anytime because practicing conscious awareness of your emotional state and making conscious choices on where you want your state to be puts YOU back in the driver’s seat of your life. Loving responses become more and more common, and even become second nature (at lease more of the time).