Comfort Zones

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Comfort Zone Diagram 1

Your comfort zone and two boundary conditions.

Your comfort zone is represented as the ‘island’ in the diagram to the right.
It’s the space, that you already know. We all have one.

Your current comfort zone is surrounded by two boundaries that you need to pass through if you want to totally blow your own mind (in a good way) and take yourself to the next level. These are called your boundary conditions (see diagram).



Comfort Zone Diagram 2

Many possibilities exist outside of your comfort zone.

Anything that exsists outside of your comfort zone is a possibility that you can choose to go for. As you can imagine there are LOADS of possibilities to choose from – your imagination is the limit.

I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty damn exciting!!!

If you want to grow and develop as a person, for as long as you live, you must continually seek out new possibilities. The alternative is the staying within what you already know, forever, and stagnating. YUCK!

When you attempt to realize a possibility that is close to your comfort zone it will probably be easier to achieve becuse it’s closer to what you know. When you go for a possibility that is way outside our comfort zone, it will probably be harder but you’ll grow HEAPS from the experience!



Comfort Zone Diagram 3

Your comfort zone can keep growing as long as you live.

The cool thing about comfort zones is that every time you do something outside of our comfort zone:

  • Your comfort zone expands and your repertoire of things you know how to do grows (see diagram)
  • You get closer to possibilities that once seemed far away and they seem a bit easier to do
  • Because you are a bigger, new-and-improved, you – you’ll start to discover new possibilities that could not have existed for the old you


Comfort Zone Exercise

  • Draw a picture of your comfort zone and plot the possibilities you dream about, but that you have not tried doing yet.
  • What possibilities are the closest to your comfort zone?
  • What steps do you need to take to get to those possibilities?
  • What possibilities are the farthest from your comfort zone?
  • What are the main milestones that you need to achieve before you can achieve each possibility?
  • Which of the milestones are something you can take action on right now?


Commit to Expanding your Comfort Zone

By continually expanding your comfort zone you are on a constant voyage of discovery. Opening up new possibilities that make your life rich and exciting.

This is a big part of what keeps you young at heart and an interesting person to know. You are someone who is always learning and always growing. You have that special sparkle that novelists love to write about. 😉

So come on, take a step outside, and dare to sparkle!


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