Coaching Game for the New Year

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Great Game for New Year’s Eve

For the last few years, just before the clock strikes 12:00 pm, I play an easy but rewarding little game that I’ve come to call, the New Year’s Game (I like names that say what they are). It’s the perfect way to wrap up the past year an bring in the new.

You can play with your partner, a friend, your immediate family, or even at a party (if people work in small groups). The New Year’s Game is an intimate and fun experience for all who play!


What is the New Year’s Game?

Well, it involves reflection of the past year as well as prediction for the future. BUT with no strings or project plans attached to it!

Since you’re a coach I thought there is a very good chance that you’ll get a kick of it. I mean, what’s more fun than reviewing what makes you great and at the same time dreaming up what you’re going to achieve next!


Here’s How You Play…

Step 1
Buy yourself a little notebook (you’ll have this book for years to come and each year you’ll fill in 2-4 pages, so make sure it’s pretty and durable).

Step 2
Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, you and your partner/family/friend chat about  and write down all the important things that you achieved in the year. Be sure to list something from each area of your life.

Step 3
After midnight, once the new year has rolled in, dream up and write down all the important things you’d like to achieve in the new year.

Step 4
That’s it. Keep the book in a safe place till next year when you can open it again and see how you did. If you do this every year, pretty soon you’ll have an awesome souvenir from your life.


Get Your Dreams Out in the Open

The point of the game is not to win or even to to everything on the list. The point is the discussion, to have fun and to dream big. The act of having closure with the past and putting your new dreams out there is a huge step.

The universe is listening.



  1. Kathleen McWilliams

    Thank you for all your lovely Coaching Tips in 2013. I have gained so much from your monthly Bulletin with loving direction for me to follow. I know it is always my choice what I take from your Bulletin and I leave the rest which is normally very little. You are an inspirational & fun person to know with a wealth of knowledge which you are willing to share with the Universe. You will be rewarded as in Karma.
    I have enjoyed my year with you as I took early retirement in Nov 2012 & I am now following a path of Self Discovery & New Beginnings with the help of you and various others on the Internet.
    I am drawn towards Life Coaching & Complementary Therapies (I have my Diploma in Reflexology & Energy Healing Certs). I am at a Crossroads in my life and will do your Fun “New Year Game” with a bright smile on my face & a lift to my step.
    I wish you safe travels & great Success in your Future as a Life Coach in 2014. May your “New Year’s Game Book” be fulfilling & rewarding to you & your family & dogs,

    • Benay

      Kathleen – I love the idea of being rewarded with Karma, it’s a warming thought!

      Although I’m not an energy healer myself, I’m a big fan of it. So much change can happen with so few words…amazing stuff! So, all the best with your continued path of Self Discovery & New Beginnings & with sharing your skills with the rest of us.

      Happy 2014!

  2. Ooye Boluwatife David

    what a great way of recalling the achievements of the outgoing year and setting new targets in a fun-filled atmosphere. Thanks for all the tips and help throughout the year, you are indeed a blessing.

    • Benay

      Thank you Ooye. I look forward to continuing our work together in the new year. Happy 2014!

  3. Doretta Gadsden

    Thank you for this New Years Game. I am going to do this with my husband and close friend. I am giving a vision board class later in January for about 4 – 6 women in my home. This is a mini one for me to set myself in motion.

    I also look forward to purchasing your set of programs. I graduated from coaching school several years ago and have not picked up momentum. This the year I will make it happen. I want to transition from Registered Nurse to Life coach working with women living will life threatening illnesses. I finally became clear on my niche.

    Happy New year to you and your family. You are an inspiration of what can be 🙂

    • Benay

      Doretta – Thanks very much for the kind words and I hope you guys enjoy the game.

      What an amazing niche. I don’t know how you’ll find it, but when I ‘truly’ discovered my niche the momentum just started coming easiyly and naturally. May 2014 bring you the flow that you’ve been working towards!

  4. Anne Bodee-Galivan

    Awesome idea! Though I think this year I’ll probably play the game alone. Just being able to acknowledge all I’ve accomplished this year, despite overwhelming odds, will be encouraging to me in my plans for 2014.

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