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by | Nov 16, 2017 | Coach Mindset

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Personal Alignment is Everything

When you are in Alignment your entire being is balanced and vibrating at your optimal level. For a coach this means that your niche, your prices, your marketing strategy, your work-life balance, your self talk, your future plans all work together within the context of your values.

When you are in Alignment you feel pure and satisfied. You don’t feel that something’s “missing” instead you feel that you “have everything you need within you right now”.

You may or may not have the external money and STUFF that you long for but none the less you are satisfied and grateful for all that you do have and trust that the goodies are on there way provided you stay on your path.

When you are in Alignment life flows and that love and abundance abound. It’s a WONDERFUL place to be! You become a magnet for opportunities BECAUSE people are attracted to your pure, authentic energy.

You feel   E X P A N S I V E .

When you can find Alignment within yourself and learn how to maintain it, you are ready to coach others.


Alignment comes and goes

With our coach training and our logical minds you’d thing it would be easy to design and maintain an Aligned life…


What I’ve learned is that it’s a life-long practice, full of subtleties.

For example, I’ve been growing my conscious-life-by-design skills since 2006 and I’m still unlocking so much – it’s like, the more I see the more there is to see!

We wouldn’t evolve if we were happy all the time.

Seems like lots of coaches agree too. Here’s something I recently posted in my Online Coach Entrepreneurs Facebook Group:

Facebook Post on Happiness

Facebook Post on Happiness



Are you and your coaching business in Alignment?

You know when you are out of alignment when things feel hard and you are not getting the results you seek.

I’ve been in the coaching industry for about 14 years and this is what happens to me/my coaching business when I’m out of alignment:

  • Working way to hard, stressing about stuff, feeling like you’re pushing up hill all the time
  • Parts of the coaching business just feel stuck or stagnant
  • Minimal or no growth in your subscribers, client numbers, income
  • Maybe abundant in lots of areas of your life but lacking financially in the business
  • Maybe making plenty of money but have big holes in other parts of life


Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?


Return to Alignment

First, is you have any of the symptoms that you are out of alignment – you are in luck – BECAUSE our results are indicators of our Alignment.

Results that make you feel great mean we are in Alignment, results that are triggers or that feel crappy mean there is personal development work to be done!

This means that focusing on our state of Alignment is the ABSOLUTE #1 thing we can do to get our coaching career moving!!!

Here are two questions you can ask yourself if you are out of Alignment:

  1. How do I nurture my state of Alignment on a daily basis?
  2. What deep work am I doing to continue evolving your soul?


1. How are you nurturing your state of Alignment on a daily basis?

Sorry for sounding like everyone else on this one but there are some basic truths that we all need, to have a balanced state. Simple things like movement, a healthy diet, good sleep and meditation seem to be the quickest way to get started.

How are you tracking on each of those things?

I know that you know what you need to do – you are a coach!

Do whatever it takes to get yourself excited and inspired to start doing it. Your business will thank you by starting to grow again.


2. What deep work are you doing to continue to evolve your soul?

I see so many coaches dazzled by the shiny object syndrome, investing in band-aid-like solutions that are the metaphorical equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig. Come on, let’s be totally honest with each other, the truth is that the latest and greatest marketing trends or business models just won’t work if YOU are not ready – on the inside – to be the changemaker you are meant to be.



Tools for Alignment


If you are new to mediation, like I was just a few months ago, then listen to my Coach Pep Talk interview with Erin Ashley – it will help you. We talk about some of the crazy-easy ways you can get into meditation, without being a Zen monk.

Passion Mapping

I have recently done a refresh of my Passion Map – which is more amazing than I have the words to explain. How would you like to actually stand within all your greatest passions all at the same time in a completely embodied way? It’s far-out awesomeness that’s totally centering and peaceful. After a passion map, you know what makes your heart sing and, man, it feels good.

I interviewed, Peter Wallman, the inventor of Passion Mapping a while back on Connecting with Your Inner Knowing and Intuition and Finding Your Highest Purpose.

Character Defining
Steve Pavlina has a cool new program on this called Stature – I’ve not done it yet and am not an affiliate but it looks amazing and it’s on my to-do list).


Keep Seeking Alignment

Remember that you and I are always evolving and we never arrive! There are experiences that we need to have along the way. Some of them will not feel nice and some will feel AMAZING – both are equally important parts of the journey. Both are OK.

Be assured that you are on your path. By continuing to move forward, you will keep growing and that is your biggest job as a personal development professional.



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