37 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Stuck


Get Unstuck Now

Here are 37 awesome questions guaranteed to shake up your thinking, get you unstuck, and moving forward. I highly encourage you to give them a try your self on any problem you are facing, or feel free to use them with your clients.



  • What is the problem?




  • A problem well stated is a problem half solved. So, please tell me, how, specifically, it is a problem for you now? I’m looking for the root of it. You’ll know you’ve found the root when you feel a swell of emotion when you think about that one thing. Dig deeper until you find it by asking yourself, “how is this a problem for me now?” over and over until you get there.




  • What are you telling yourself about why this is a problem?




  • What feelings are you focusing on?




  • Are you focusing on the past, present or future?




  • Is your focus on yourself or on others?




  • Who/what are you blaming for the problem?




  • When you are totally honest with yourself, what other excuses are you making?




  • Just out of curiosity, what would happen if you decided to take full responsibility for the situation, even if it’s not your fault?




  • If you did that now what would be different?




  • How would that make you feel?




  • How would that impact others?




  • What else would change?




  • What’s stopping you from doing that now?




  • What would you need to change within yourself to be able to move forward now?




  • If you could design an outcome that would be mutually beneficial, in the long run, for everyone involved, what would that look like?




  • What emotions would you feel if you were able to pull that off right now?




  • What would you tell yourself if you could do it?




  • What would other people say about you?




  • Now that you’ve explored the possibilities a bit more, what’s one thing you could do differently that would help the situation?




  • What are your top values?




  • How does this situation align with your top values?




  • How does it not align with your top values?




  • By not sorting out this problem, which of your values are you compromising?




  • How many ways do you think you know to overcome this?




  • What change are you willing to consider making?




  • What would happen if you did make the changes?




  • What would happen if you didn’t make those changes?




  • What wouldn’t happen if you did make the changes now?




  • What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t make the changes now?




  • How much do you want to move forward on this?




  • Is this the beginning or the end?




  • Is it a reward or a punishment?




  • Are you going to move forward or are you going to quit?




  • So when will you stop this from being a limitation?




  • How many ways do you know you have solved this?




  • What are you noticing now?





Is Your Brain Fried Yet?

Hope you loved those questions!

They’re guaranteed to get people outside of thier old way of thinking – into new territory and possibilities!


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  1. Carl

    Hi Benay

    Thanks for the great questions.



      • Benay

        Thanks Ken – I love sitting down to write good coaching questions – great for workbooks!

  2. Benay

    Marco wrote in with these additional awesome questions:

    – What result do you expect to have out of this argument (or conversation)?
    – So, is what you are doing at this very moment useful for that purpuse or result?

    Thanks Marko!

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