How Safe is Your Coaching Business from Self Sabotage?

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Every coaching business owner has one…

What’s that one project that you’ve been procrastinating on in your coaching business this whole year?

The project I’m looking for is not just any project – it’s one you intuitively know will take you and your business to the next level. But for some reason and even though you sense it’s YOUR personal, ultimate game-changer project, you’ve been avoiding it like the plague. You’ve either been procrastinating on starting OR you’ve made a start but never got back to it.

Do you have a project in mind? (I can certainly think of a big one for my coaching business!)

So what ARE we waiting for?

Clock_dreamstimefree_80931If we know this project is so essential to our own success, why do we wait? What’s holding us back?

We are smart. We are action takers. We are professional coaches for heaves’s sake! What gives?

Well, the answer is simple and yet oh so complex. At the root of our procrastination sits a totally normal little behavior (with BIG implications). I’m sure you’ve heard of it – self sabotage.

I believe every human is born as a perfect being of light and is capable of a unique, individualized perfection on earth.

I believe every human is born as a perfect being of light and is capable of a unique, individualized perfection on earth. But straight after birth we are bombarded with other people’s energy/noise/drama/issues – for better and worse – directly or indirectly. This impacts us greatly, straight away, continues to evolve and stays with us our whole life.

Unfortunately, most humans don’t realize they can clear this and rediscover their pure brilliance. Self sabotage is a big part of the reason why.

Self sabotage is action we take (we are usually not even aware that we are doing it) that is caused by deep unconscious fear (like fear of success, fear of not being loved, fear of not being enough, fear of failure, etc.). This fear is usually produced from beliefs formed in our past. These hidden fears help us act in ways that attract and manifest things that keep us stuck – things that stop us from moving forward. It continually blocks us from achieving our fullest potential.

For example, you most likely have wonderfully rehearsed stories and excuses on why you have not completed your grand project yet. I know I do!

Life happens

As coaches it’s easy to feel like we should know better and should not be susceptible to such human traps as self sabotage. But it’s OK! We must forgive ourself. We are human too and from what I can tell self sabotage has followed us our whole life and will continue to do so. Our job is to just get better and faster at managing it so we can re-find our own brilliance. Then we become a shining example of how it can be done for everyone!

I have a saying with my clients that, “life happens” and it always will. It’s those of us who learn to function within “life happening” who make it. It’s not always easy or fun but if you love what you do and create a lifestyle that makes you happy and fulfilled it is SO worth the effort.

There is such genius, wisdom in the concept of “failing forward”. It’s liberating and it works when you embrace it.

The project I’ve been procrastinating on

My game-changer project that I set for myself this year has been

around being more visible, specifically by being on a video camera talking to you guys. It scares the poop out of me. And I have all these good stories and excuses about why I haven’t done it yet and why video is not really for me or my coaching business.

BUT deep down, I know it’s all BS. It’s just my self sabotaging behavior which is driven by my fears and beliefs around being seen and not heard and not being good enough which is keeping me stuck.

The year is almost over and I’ve only managed to get on camera ONCE! It was for a little welcome message for Life Coach Office. Have you seen it?

So with just under 2 months left to 2016 – I’m going to be the shining example and bite the bullet. In the next few weeks I will be launching the upcoming Next Gen Course and I have committed to making some videos for it. GULP!

Benay on video
Benay on video 2
Benay on video 3

Now it’s your turn

I invite you to think back to the beginning of 2016. What game-changing project did you set for yourself this year but haven’t finished yet?

No matter how silly it may seem, what’s scaring the poop out you about this project? What are you the most afraid of?

What do you need to believe now about yourself to get on with it?

You have 7 weeks left in the year. What action can you take now to overcome your old self-sabotaging behaviors and make some progress that YOU will feel proud of this year?

Take a minute to share your project on our FB page. Typing it in a public space is a simple form of accountability. Just doing it will help you start to make that shift and get moving!

Be accountable and get moving – share your project here.




  1. Martha Maritz

    Hi Benay

    Oh dear, can I relate to this. Sometimes our past just gets wind in its vocals shouting hard and loud – feeding all the insecurities thought to be conquered and dealt with. Truth is – it’s all lies, but why we seem to nod our heads in unity with these lies (self limiting beliefs) is a mystery.

    Thank you for words of encouragement. But as my son likes to say: think of it as a band aid and just rip it off. Just do it! Take care and many blessings xxxx

    • Benay

      Martha – thank you for your comment. It’s true, we each have so much power. Learning how to tap into it is a life-long journey that each of us must take responsibility for and oh so worth it! You and I can define our own reality if we choose to. XOX – B

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