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How to be More Confident as a Coach

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Confidence comes from believing in yourself as you are, right now, today.

This true inner confidence is born from doing inner work on yourself. This usually involves digging deep to find the root of your beliefs about yourself and then doing transformational work to forgive and release yourself from the past.

The more you do this type of work, the more you realize there is always more to do and always more to clear. But somehow, this process also helps you find inner peace and acceptance of yourself where you are right now. Confidence.

As essential as all of that type of work is, it is a lifelong journey and takes time to get yourself to each new and better level. It’s important to be gentle with yourself and do the work you are ready for – you don’t build a castle in a day.

But I know I have many readers who want to speed up the process so they can start attracting clients and making money in their coaching business NOW.

So keep doing the work on yourself – that will give you the truest and lasting confidence. But there is something you can do in parallel so that you don’t have to wait until all the stars align. You can get started with this confidence builder this week!

Your Signature Coaching Program

While your personal development work is playing itself out, a surefire way to dramatically increase your confidence in your coaching business is to design your signature coaching program. Your signature coaching program is something you design. It is a complete set of steps and exercises that is guaranteed to get your clients results (provided they do the work!). It’s your own recipe for solving the big problem your clients face (and probably lot of the deeper underlying problems they don’t realize they face).

I recommend developing your signature coaching program as soon as possible because having this under your belt will help you, first and foremost, prove to yourself that you DO help and you CAN make a difference! It also shows your clients that you’re not just winging it, you have a plan and you know what you are doing. With this plan, you’ll find that you naturally and instantly become better at selling your coaching and converting prospects to paying customers. Why? Because your signature coaching program gives you confidence and you’ve earned it!

Great Coaches Have Them

If you look at all the great coaches out there they usually have that one signature coaching program that made them famous (they may have created other signature coaching programs along the way but there is always the big one that took them to the big time):

Tony Robbins – Date with Destiny

Denise Duffield-Thomas – Money Boot Camp

Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula

At some point each of these big names didn’t have a signature coaching program. So, if that’s where you are, it’s totally OK. It’s normal because it takes focus, and a willingness to give it a go which, as simple as it sounds, many coaches don’t choose.

So, are you ready to focus and give it a go and become a more confident coach?

Case in Point

Once I developed the Pathfinder Program (which I now sell to other coaches to use with their clients) my confidence skyrocketed because I had an awesome workbook to flash around AND to use as a guide with my clients. Since then I’ve niched down even further into helping coaches create their own coaching products through my Coach Changemakers Academy. So, now Coach Changemakers Academy is my signature coaching program.

It’s OK to Get it Wrong

It’s totally OK to create one signature coaching program and get it wrong. When I first started coaching I thought I wanted to be a die-hard life coach so I created the Pathfinder Program which was life coaching 101 – it was all the stuff I knew my clients needed to get through so we could get into the next level. That was my first signature coaching program.

As I got more experience and started understanding my own unique gifts even more, my signature coaching program shifted. Even though my current signature coaching program still incorporates plenty of life coaching material and ideas from the Pathfinder Program,the material is now angled to focus on coaching business success. It has whole lot of other stuff too that is even more unique to me and my calling as a coach.

The point I am trying to get across is that each piece of focused work you do in your coaching busienss gets you closer to your next level. So there is no point in putting it off until you are ‘ready’, until you know more or until Saturn aligns with Mercury. Each minute you wait you are not moving forward and flowing even more into your calling.

You’ll Know When You’ve Nailed It

If it’s easy to attract clients to it and you are able to run it and get paid over and over – you’ve nailed it.

If your ideas and opportunities grow (instead of shrink) by working on your signature coaching program – you’ve nailed it.

Since I’ve been working with the Next Gen Course for several years, it just gets better and better. On top of this, all sorts of products have spun off from it. I’ve created products like the online course, a workbook, and follow-up support and masterminds for alumni.

I’ve found that the better you get at understanding your signature coaching program the more opportunity to discover and the deeper you can take it. It’s truly amazing how focusing on solving one big problem really well actually opens you up for greater success in your coaching business.

So, If you want to be a more confident coach, nurture your own personal development practices around loving and accepting yourself – just as you are right now. AND sit down and map out your own signature coaching program. It usually takes an hour to map out a first pass, a few hours to refine it.

I guarantee the time and energy you invest will come back you you 1000 fold over the course of your coaching career. With that, I invite you to go forth and claim the confidence that is there for you right now!


  1. Mona

    Hi Dear Benay,
    I have been coaching for about 8 years on and off.
    I am now ready to up my game and looking for support to build my on line business.
    Let me know if you are available for a chat

    • Benay

      Hi Mona. I’d love to. I’ll send you an email so we can book in a time. -B

  2. s.paulraj

    Valid suggestions and its really motivating the reader.
    Help me to obtain a certificate for life coaching

    • Benay

      Thank you. Your website looks great. Just keep going! -B

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