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by | Aug 7, 2017 | Coach Mindset

At a Crossroads

I don’t know about you, but I have been soulfully rethinking my own approach to business this year. I’ve been asking big questions of myself like; “What do I really want?” and “How can I best use my unique gifts to help the world and also be fulfilled myself?”.

Interestingly, in the last 12 months, four of the handful of mentors I follow are also in the throws of transition. These people have made 6 and 7 figures and they are asking themselves the important questions too. In two cases they have gone so far as to close their businesses and start over!

What about you? Have you also felt a new energy rising within you? Have you been noticing a shift with your entrepreneurial role models?

If so, it could be a special nudge from the Universe encouraging you to try something new…

What’s Going On

Everything and every person has both masculine and feminine energy. For too long, the overall balance of energy has been tipped to the masculine – we’ve all been living in a man’s world. Men and women have been working in a masculine way i.e. linear, structured, rigid (with the exception of some outliers who are not the norm).

Men have been trying to compensate for this be rejecting their powerful and sexy masculine side. Women have compensated by trying to be equal and the same as men, thinking that this would give us what we crave.

Now, we are waking up. We are realising that, that old way is too stressful and and unfulfilling. The old way just does not work for us any more. We need something different.

Deep down many of us are secretly searching for the balanced way to to business. An the timing couldn’t be better.

The Dawning of a New Age

According to Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell the dawning of the new age of the return to balance of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine started around 2012. So, we are still in the early days and it’s going to be exciting and immensely rewarding for all of us who embrace it!

Whether we know it or not, we are in the process of birthing a nurturing, balanced, loving, pleasurable, and rich way to to business. And when we find this new way and embrace it, we will discover the deep meaningful success we’ve been searching for. This is success in all areas – in happiness, health, peace, sisterhood/brotherhood, growth, balance, beauty, love, family and financial wealth.

Work will be fun and meaningful. People will focus more on bringing joy into their lives (instead of more stress).

This goes for women and for men. When we manage to balance the sacred masculine with the sacred feminine, humanity will finally evolve to the next level and Earth will be a better place for it.

Are you going to play your part?

How can you contribute as a Woman?

Make Space to Flow

Take the liner time management skills you’ve picked up from the genius of the sacred masculine. Know that it is what THEY need to reach the freedom they seek. It is not for you to copy but for you to rebirth into a way that brings you the love and results you most desire.

I’ve been doing this with my work lately and it is so exciting to break down the status quo success patterns of the masculine and find your own natural flow. Of course you can use those old tools but this time, use them on your terms and in accordance with your rhythm.

woman in flow

I’ve learned that by tapping into the flows of nature i.e. the seasons and even our own menstrual cycle we can uncover hidden super power. 

Side note: I know it may sound a bit woo woo. If it does, please take heart that I am an IT chick, Type A Personality and a high Auditory Visual and I am a believer. This stuff is getting me better results AND it’s god fun – so woo woo or not, I’m sold!

Work with Your Intuition

Another way you can contribute to this new wave of entrepreneur is to listen to your inner voice. This is your secret whisper from the Source. And source is what has meaning to you, God, Light, Energy, Spirit, etc.

I know when I’m tapped in to Source because of the feeling inside me. I also quite often get goosebumps when I’m talking with someone and we get to their purpose or something that is important to them.

Our intuition is one part of the many gifts we’ve been blessed with by simply being born female. Stop ignoring it. It’s time to seriously listen. What are you being called to? What signs are you receiving?

Learn how to use it. Be comforted in accepting that sometimes we’ll get it right and sometimes we’ll get it wrong. Also, don’t expect to know instantly either way. Many intuitive decisions can feel wrong in the moment but may pass the test of time – this is a pattern I have noticed in my own work and in many of my own role models and students.

Experience Pleasure

You are your business. So if you are not taking awesome, guilt free care of your self, you are in trouble (or are going to be). By focusing on bringing more pleasure into your life, you will be doing the best possible service to yourself, your business and to woman kind.

We need to find the courage to declutter all the things that are no longer serving us. This gives us space to routinely upgrade to things that add genuine joy into each moment.

One of the best teachers I’ve had around this is Denise Duffield-Thomas. For more reading, here’s a link to Denise’s list of the Most Common Self-Care Mistakes of Female Entrepreneurs (and How to Avoid Them).

How can you contribute as a Man?

Since I am not a man, I can not speak from experience on this topic. However, from conversations with my husband I know that being “a man” is key to unlocking your sacred masculine. Once you have done that first step you are ready to receive the sacred feminine in all its glory (wolf-whistle!).

From my view point it seems like a tough job to be a man, BUT when you crack the code you will find the freedom you seek. You will also be in tune with this new age and will discover ways to support the sacred feminine in your life. In return you will receive the gifts that only feminine energy can give you. Your support is crucial and in the end both sexes and the planet will benefit.

For further reading you may like, David Deida’s, The Way Of The Superior Man.

Some men, consciously or unconsciously, are already on this quest. check out guys like Tim Ferris, Derek Sivers and Seth Godin to name a few. If you have some others, please add them in the comments.

Time to Stand

In this new age, we need role models to show us the new way to do business, to inspire us to keep humanity moving to the next level. We need women who dare to be female. We need men who are strong in their masculinity and in tune with the realignment of energy that happening. We must all stand up and be the change we seek in the world.

As coaches and as entrepreneurs, we have a clear path to making the world a better place. There is no wrong or right pace. Your reach IS enough. You are enough.

For every single life you change for the better, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and so should everyone else on the planet. Because people are watching you, people are watching your clients, and the ripple effect spreads on.


  1. Jenny

    Amazing article! Eye-opening for me, also a type a person 😉
    I have joined the feminoligu course from Jen! Can’t wait to share what I get from it with you!

    • Benay

      Awesome Jenny. You’ll love it. For me, I feel like I understand myself better and have permission to be that little bit different each week. Before I just thought I was schizophrenic! But these are actually cycles and they do repeat/loop over and over. Very cool!

  2. Dawn Strom

    Benay. This is so right on! I have been thinking about focusing my embodiment coaching work on working with women entrepreneurs who want to develop in this way. It is funny how our Collective consciousness works!

    • Benay

      WOW Dawn! I can see how you will totally rock at that!

  3. Brenda Rockward

    I love the details of this article. It speaks not only to me but also breathes in to me how I want the relationship with clients and in my overall work production. To feel free and enlightened. Life cycles can be so funny at times and place you in a bit of a funk. But your article has given me much food for thought. Thanks so much!

    • Benay

      I love this Brenda. Happy to know that it’s spoken to that deep inner knowing within you. XOX – B

  4. Susana Rinderle

    yes Yes YESS! This is eeriely aligned with exactly what I’ve been thinking and saying for 5 years now (and finally starting to do) — I even have a tattoo that represents the harmony of masculine and feminine, and I got it in early 2012 right before quitting my last traditional job! Thank you for saying all this out loud, Benay, I will be sharing this post with colleagues and sisters of mine who are also in this space!

    • Benay

      Awesome Susana – thanks so much for writing in! I want to see that tattoo! XOX – B

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