Should You Create Your Own Coaching Products?

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Creating Coaching Products | 2 comments

So you are a brilliant coach. You are excellent at what you do and have amazing testimonials from your clients.


You are growing your coaching business (which is your passion and your baby) while working another job and it’s hard to keep up with the demands of both.


You are coaching full time and have no time to work ON your business because you are too busy working IN your business.

The Problem

In both cases, you are working your butt off. You just want some down time. You want to be even more selective about who you work with. AND you want more flexibility and control in your day to day life.

Let’s face it, NOW is what matters the most. YOU especially know this because you are a coach for goodness sake!

But, you are presently trapped in a loop of doing more, more, more work.

Deep down you probably know that it’s a part of a procrastination strategy you are running that is keeping you from your fullest potential. You intuitively feel that you need to STOP being busy and START being more strategic with your coaching.

But how? Where do you start?

The Solution

You only have 24 hours a day to work, eat, sleep, play, exercise, relax and be silent. So, if you want to have some down time, pick and choose your clients and have more flexibility in your daily life you must find a way to better leverage the time you have.

A great way to do this is by creating and implementing your own coaching products at each of  The 4 Product Levels of Coaching. In a nutshell the 4 levels are 1) A freebie to attract prospects, 2) a coaching workbook to sell for passive income and let prospects try you out, 3) an online course to leverage the time you spend teaching, 4) VIP coaching as your limited, exclusive, premium service.

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Coaching Product Range

You stop just trading your time for money. Start making money while you sleep. Set your self up with the essential assets to be more flexible and get back more time.

Imagine what you could do if even just 1/3 of your coaching income came from a product that didn’t take any of your time to deliver. Now, imagine if 1/2 your income was that way!

Imagine you were delivering AMAZING transformation to your clients in groups and masterminds that leveraged your time and income!

But creating your coaching products is about way more than producing content that you can sell for passive or leveraged income. It’s also an essential, strategic journey for your coaching business.

To be able to create a congruent coaching product suite in the first place you must pass through a few key milestones that average coaches never conquer. For example the coach gurus out there all stand for something specific, they have successful signature program that they get known for. They are experts within that scope, they automate sales as much as possible and attract the attention of their ideal clients from all over the world.

On top of all that, with such clarity and depth of understanding in your coaching comes an inner resilience, self confidence and strength in what you do. Clients feel it too and it’s a magnet.

This all comes from stopping, taking stock and creating your own successful signature program. From there you can develop a coaching product suite that is congruent with your skills, expertise and passion for helping people. You become a coaching force to be listened to – a coach change maker.

Is it Time to Stop?

Is it time for you to STOP spinning your wheels?

Are you ready to better leverage your time and have more flexibility in your coaching business?

Are you ready to get serious about working ON your own coaching products this year?

Tell me in the comments section below.



SPECIAL THANKS: Many thanks to Amara Dacer for permission to use her beautiful painting of the Buddha.




  1. Kirtti

    Very good Article. This is a perfect idea to create products. Would love to see how and where to market them? Will check more blogs.

    • Benay

      Thanks Kirtti. Really you market your freebie optin. Then you sell your products to the fans on your email list.

      here’s how it goeas…In your niche (Coach to Moms with Empath Children) buy some paid ads (like Facebook) target moms and Females interested in Empath children. Have an add promoting your free thing that you offer on your website in exchange for an email address. Once they are on your list have an automated nurture sequence to help the moms get to know like and trust you as their go-to Empath expert.

      I think you will nail this. You are working with an audience that desperately needs help and wants it! Sell little workbooks and kits and maybe even online courses where students can upgrade to online group coaching!

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