5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Coaching Business

Are you ready to take the next step in your coaching business?

You could be preparing to launch a new program, rebrand your business, add speaking to your service offerings or maybe even preparing to increase the number of clients you serve. No matter your coaching business situation, it is most likely time to step up and step out. Specifically, it is time to step up the pace of your business and step out and take a risk.

If hiring a virtual assistant is completely (or even semi) foreign to you, then you are missing out on some awesome sauce. A virtual assistant can become your administration coach and seamlessly thread your current coaching business with your new coaching programs. The different variations of how a virtual assistant can help raise the bar are endless.

A virtual assistant can help you:


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Gain Control of Schedule

If your schedule controls you instead of you controlling your schedule, it’s time to get help. As your business grows, your daily hours don’t grow. You still have the same 24 hours that you had yesterday.  The key to success is how you manage those same 24 hours strategically.

A virtual assistant can take complete control of your schedule. You will no longer be responsible for scheduling (or rescheduling) client appointments or even dentist appointments. A virtual assistant can plan, book and confirm your travel arrangements for your next coaching conference or speaking engagement. Once your virtual assistant has access to your schedule and your preferences, you will be set free and your only responsibility will be to check your calendar each day.


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Add Life to Your Coaching Business Online Presence

Update your web page, post to social media, write a blog post, respond to comments…most likely one or all of these items are on your never-ending coaching business to-do list.

A virtual assistant can polish your online presence. You know how vital it is today to have an online presence especially if you offer online coaching services. The problem is finding the time to fulfill this duty.

A virtual assistant can curate and schedule social media and blog content. Comments will be responded to on social media and your blog quickly which shows clients and potential clients that you are present and responsive.

If your web page is your online brochure, it needs to be current, accurate and informative. Information is constantly changing and it is not at all positive to have outdated information or neglected social media profiles. An outdated online portfolio is the equivalent of having an office waiting room with a leaky roof. You wouldn’t do that to your brick and mortar office space, so don’t do it to your online “office” either.


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Give Clients Individualized Attention

Imagine if you freed up more time in your day to give your clients the individualized attention they deserve. As a virtual assistant organizes and frees up schedules by completing tasks, coaches can spend more one-on-one time with clients. You can begin to offer more personalized sessions throughout the week. Or maybe you will begin to find the time to randomly check in on a client by phone or email.

Your client will certainly appreciate the attention, you will provide more of a client-focused service and your attention to detail will not go unnoticed. Your clients will benefit immensely from a simple adjustment in your schedule made possible by your virtual assistant.



Organize Finances and Complete Other Administrative Tasks

As a business owner, it is of utmost importance to have organized financial records. No one ever said this task was easy or enjoyable, but it is absolutely necessary.

Your virtual assistant can organize receipts, input cash flow, verify bank records, assist with the preparation of taxes, pay and collect invoices on your behalf. Usually, bookkeeping is the least enjoyable responsibility of a business owner.

Some of the other popular administrative tasks that coaches look forward to taking off their plate are email management, customer service, editing, research, data entry, newsletter management and customer records management (CRM) system management. The beauty in partnering with a virtual assistant is that those least favorite tasks can be given to someone that enjoys completing those tasks, your virtual assistant.



Find Your Passion Again

Most coaches do not answer their calling by inputting business cards in a database. The issue is that as a business owner, those lifeless tasks must be completed to have a thriving business.

Finding the balance to running the administrative side of your coaching business and following your passion is not easy. Coaches become so overwhelmed with running businesses, they forget why they started a business. Believe it or not, a virtual assistant will end up coaching you. A virtual assistant streamlines and systematizes businesses which provides beneficial rewards to coaches as well as clients.

In the end, a virtual assistant efficiently completes tasks and makes progress which ignites a fire of passion in the coach which is passed on to the client. It creates a win-win domino effect for everyone.


Now is the time to partner with a virtual assistant that connects with you, your business and your needs. You do not need to do it all alone. If you are ready to grow and take your coaching business to the next level, then it is time to build a team…starting with a virtual assistant.

Do you have a virtual assistant success story? Please share in the comments below. A fellow coach may need the inside scoop.


  1. Benay

    Love the FREE VA Checklist Dee Dee! I think I may have a job for you! -B

  2. Dee Dee

    Thanks so much. I hope it helps you and others get over that hump. I am emailing now to discuss this awesome project! Can’t wait!

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