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Tracy Lilley


“Love your eBook, Discovering You. It totally inspired me to write my own eBook which has been great for my business – on so many levels.”

Tracy Lilley
Eternal Purpose Coach

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Carolyn G. Anderson


“I am going to become your favourite coach client. I LOVE your products. You rock and thanks!”

Carolyn G. Anderson
CEO & Life Coach


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Swift Kick Fitness


“Love your stuff – I am a total junkie!”


Jennifer Sparks Berthelot
Personal Trainer & Life Coach

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The 4 Product Levels of Coaching – Make Money with Less Time

There is a practical and straightforward framework, us coaches can use to make money with less time (so we can enjoy our work while also enjoying all the other parts of our life too). We do this by creating products that fit within the 4 Product Levels of Coaching!

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99 Coaching Niches

If you are still figuring out your coaching niche, and want some help, here is a list of coaching niche ideas to get you thinking.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Getting Rid of Your Stuff

About three years ago my family (husband, toddler, 2 rescue dogs, and myself) decided to uproot and live in a few different countries over a 10-15 year span because we like the idea of being in a place for a few years to really get to know it. This meant that we had to get rid of heaps of stuff (a 4 bedroom house’s worth of furniture, a car, a motorcycle, and all the other knickknacks,...
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How to Test Your Website with Real Coaching Clients and Prospects

Learn how to run your own user testing on your coaching website. Through the process, you’ll discover your client’s and prospect’s views on your website branding, overall message/positioning, the relevance of your content, the real-life usefulness of any wiz-bang widgets you might have. You also gain an understanding of how readable/scan-able the pages are, the overall intuitiveness of the information architecture, and so much more!

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Tips, Tricks, and Free Tools I’m Always Recommending to Coaches

Some great free stuff (tips, tricks and tools) that will help you create even better coaching products for your coaching business.

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3 Beliefs You Must Overcome to Run a Successful Coaching Business

There is something that is preventing too many talented coaches from feeling complete and authentic in heart and soul. As a result, this is preventing good coaches from being able to run successful coaching businesses on their own terms. If your business is feeling stuck – this article should help!

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Best Sequence for Starting a Smart Online Coaching Business

The order you do things in when getting your coaching business online makes a big difference. The right steps in the wrong order will slow you down or may even make you decide to give up on your business too soon. But the right steps in the right order speed to you toward a coaching business that is fulfilling and successful (whatever that word means to you!).

In my experience, here is the best sequence for starting a smart online coaching business…

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37 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Stuck

Here are 37 awesome questions guaranteed to shake up your thinking, get you unstuck, and moving forward. I highly encourage you to give them a try your self on any problem you are facing, or feel free to use them with your clients.

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Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make Writing Products (and easy fixes)

I truly believe that every single coach out there has a unique and special message to share. No other coach out there is you (has your background, experiences, training, values, vision, passions, moral code). If you are in this for the long haul, you need to write – warts and all.

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Simple SEO Check List (for Coaches)

Introduction There are a few simple ways to optimize your coach website for better search engine rankings. And the great news is that you don’t have to be a technical genius to do them. In fact every coach can and should review this simple check list and make the recommended changes. Implementing these simple search engine optimization (SEO) ideas into our Life Coach Office website, took...
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14 Coaching Product Ideas

There are thousands of coaches out there, with more and more coming online every day.

So, what makes you different? Why should a client choose you over another coach?

To survive and thrive as a coach today, customers need to easily understand what you are all about and have enough access to what you do to make good decisions about further investing in you as a coach or not.

To do this you really need to have a clear, specific niche complimented by a suite of aligned products. The different price points make you more easily accessible to your audience.

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